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El Puente - The Bridge


We often hear from people asking about this area, and we really want to help.

The best thing we can do is to refer you to professionals who are on top of the

latest information and who can make all the arrangements for you. When you book thru any of the links on this page, El Puente will make a commission to help

support its programs!  The questions we hear most often are below, along with links to pages with answers from Gecko Trails and

"How Can I Learn Spanish While I'm There?"

The ¡Claro! Language school is located right in Puerto Viejo. You may be able to find rooms there, or at nearby hostels. Come and take a look at the school by clicking here!

"Where Are You?"

We're in the southeast corner of Costa Rica, on the Caribbean shore. See where on

"How Can I Get There?"

You can get bus and shuttle schedules, driving directions, and answers to your questions on

getting here by clicking on the Puerto Viejo Transport page.

For travel throughout the country, you can click on this Transportation Planner to search transportation options, schedules and prices between any two locations in Costa Rica.

"Where Can I Stay?"

There are many good hotels in the area, with Banana Azul being the closest to The Bridge.

Click here to visit  the travel pros at Gecko Trails and they'll be delighted to help you find

a great place that meets your needs! 

There are many accommodations available through Visit their

Puerto Viejo lodging page.

When you book thru either link, El Puente will make a commission!

"What Can I Do?"

There is so much to do here. For a complete list of tours and activities available in the area, take a look at this page of Things to do in Puerto Viejo and Cahuita.

The Bridge has many volunteer opportunities which will give you a chance to put your time and talents to work during your stay. Learn more by visiting our Volunteer Pages.

"What About Money? Can I Use My ATM Card There?"

There are two ATMs in Puerto Viejo. One at Banco de Costa Rica, another at Banco Nacional. Be sure to let your bank know you'll be traveling in Costa Rica to avoid any problems using your bank card.  This page has answers to all your questions including current exchange rates.

"What About Safety? Is There Anything We Should Worry About?"

Like any other place in the world, there are things you can do--or not do--that will affect your safety. The key element is judgement. Use good judgement, and again like any other place in the world, you should be fine. A local woman named Lisa Valencia created a Tourist Safety Information Poster, and is making it available for anyone who's interested. You can download it from our website--go to and click on "Tourist Advice Poster" to download your personal copy.

And--Enjoy your stay here in Puerto Viejo!


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Click on this link to email us your questions.