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El Puente - The Bridge

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You can join with many others and help people by putting

children in school, providing food support for those

children, their families, and their community,

and giving them Hope--

Hope that it is possible to become self-sufficient.

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There are several ways you can help!


Donate Online by pressing

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You can donate online via PayPal using either a credit card or an E-Check,

direct from your regular checking account.  We accept US Dollars,

Canadian Dollars, and the British Pound Sterling through PayPal.

If you need additional information, drop us an email  at the link below.

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To donate by check, make it out to "El Puente", with

"Member # 29409704" in the "Memo" field, and mail it to:

USE Credit Union

8697 La Mesa Boulevard, Ste. D

La Mesa, CA 91941

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From the USA,  A Check by Mail Is Preferred

PayPal is a wonderful, easy to use online service that makes it easy to send

donations from anywhere in the world. They do, however, charge a fee, which varies based on the size of the donation.

For donations within the USA, we have the option of sending a check by mail to the credit union address above. The time delay is just about the same as with PayPal, but there is no fee taken out of the donated amount. If it is possible for you to mail your donation check to the above address, then please do!

Otherwise, please continue to use PayPal!


Thank You For Your Support!

Your Credit Card or checking information will not be kept, sold,

or given to anyone else. It will be used only for the purpose of

making a donation to El Puente.


We are a non-profit project of a 501 c (3) organization in the USA.

If have ANY questions, or need more information,

Please Click on this link.

You can help these children and their families !

Support our Food and School Programs.

Help build a

better future!