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El Puente - The Bridge

School Kids

Who Are You Helping To Send To School?

Pictures of 15 of the "Bridge Kids" are shown here, taken in 2009..

As with other years, these are the kids that go to the Puerto Viejo and Hone Creek Schools, who  come through our yard, and of whom we are able to get "head shots".  There are 126 Bridge Kids "out there" in 2012, and all but one of

these are among them

You'll see more recent photos in our newsletter.

The Bridge

The Bridge
School Kid List

    Daniela                 Carmelita                     Mauricio                          Erasmo

             Marvin                      Alejandro                        Sandara                            Dani

     Maria                              Irene                              Eric

                 Lucia                       Willi                               Roy                           Ronualdo

Bridge School Program

Escuela Puerto Viejo de Talamanca 15 students who walk through our yard.